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Female, 33 yo, Single
Tel Aviv, Israel (347955)

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My name is ana002 age of 33 I'm a Single living in Tel Aviv. I'm a looing for Marriage, Conversation, Long term. my education is Master's degree, my occupation is Art Economic status Rich. my origin is Western, My political beliefs tend to the Right wing. I'm a Jewish Non religious. I speak English, Hebrew, y zodiac sign is Aries. my pet is : Rabbit. I'm a not smoking and I'm a don't drink alcohol.
I've been here before Over 2 month. I updated my profile before Over 2 month.
מראה חיצוני
I look Very good and my body is Average. I have a Black Smooth hair and Brown eyes. i'm 175 c"m tall.
I'm looking for
Male In age of : 50 to: 70
Within : 500 miles from Tel Aviv, Israel
I can tell you that
בילויים ותחביבים
I love to spend time in : Movies, Restaurants, Theater
 My hobbies are : Dancing, Horses, Painting, Pets, Writing
Music & Food
Favorite Music : Blues, Country, Jazz
I Enjoy eating : French, Jewish, Seafood
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