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Olivia Dion

Female, 41 yo, Single
New York, United States (319431)

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My name is Olivia Dion age of 41 I'm a Single living in New York. I'm a looing for Marriage. my education is Bachelor's degree, my occupation is Healthcare Economic status Established. my origin is Tell later, My political beliefs tend to the Right moderate. I'm a Christian Other. I speak English, y zodiac sign is Pisces. I'm a vegetarian due to Ideological. my pet is : Other. I'm a not smoking and I'm a drink alcohol Socially.
I've been here before Over 2 month. I updated my profile before Over 2 month.
מראה חיצוני
I look Very good and my body is Average. I have a Black Smooth hair and Brown eyes. i'm 175 c"m tall.
I'm looking for
Female In age of : 37 to: 80
Within : 500 miles from New York, United States
Family status : Separated
Relationship type : Marriage
Smoking habits : Never, Trying to quit
I can tell you that
בילויים ותחביבים
I love to spend time in : Coffee houses, Movies, Parties, Pubs
 My hobbies are : Cooking, Creation, Music, Musical instrument, Singing, Walking
Music & Food
Favorite Music : Blues, Military bands
I Enjoy eating : American, BBQ, Greek, Italian, Jewish
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